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A divorce is, in itself, a difficult process, and such becomes more difficult when children are involved. The main issues for the divorcing couples are the child and parent visitation schedule and relocation. So, it makes it necessary for each partner to hire an experienced parent relocation lawyer Pompano Beach to make sure that his or her interests and that of the children are preserved. Our professional lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the complexities of relocation and custody arrangements.

Custody issues can bring intense emotions to parents, and such brings good reasons to hire a parent relocation lawyer Pompano Beach. Being a noncustodial parent can be painful, knowing that you are shut out from your child’s lives and that you only have visitation rights. A lawyer can help you by resolving custody arrangements that will be favorable to all parties. No matter what difficulties divorce brings, being there for your children will always be for their best interest.

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As a consequence of divorce, there are two types of custody granted by the court. One of which is legal custody. This type of custody is given to both parents in situations where they make important decisions about the child's medical or psychological treatment, education, academic choices, and others that concern the child’s well-being. On the other hand, physical custody simply means being with the child in the same house. These two types of custody determine the specific set of rights each parent has over the child. To know your rights as a parent, you need a parent relocation lawyer Pompano Beach at Divorcelink.

Moreover, a parent may also be relocated as a consequence. This consequent legal issue can be complicated depending on which country he is relocated. If the relocation is domestic, there is not much of an issue. However, when the relocation is made in Europe, another jurisdiction must be registered. Under different jurisdictions, laws of varying provisions can change the custody arrangements in the parent’s national state. At Divorcelink, we have the best parent relocation lawyer Pompano Beach.

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After the divorce has been decreed, there will be a difficult transition period for both parties. Being able to move on, along with the changes, is one way to get things right. Planning to change location with your child to a new city or state has legal consequences. This is so, because you must consider the possible effects on your non-relocating former spouse. Our team of family lawyers at Divorcelink can assist you go through the legal process. Call us now!

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