Legal Separation

The key difference between legal separation and divorce is that when you are separated, you are still legally married to your spouse even though you are living apart. If you later decide to get divorced, you’ll have to go through the legal steps necessary to terminate your marriage.

Are you considering a legal separation instead of a divorce? There are several valid reasons why people choose to legally separate but remain married to one another. They may include:

If you decide to remain married because one spouse will be entitled to the other spouse’s benefits (such as Social Security or health insurance), make sure you read the fine print associated with such benefits. Some benefits will specifically exclude legally separated spouses from eligibility. There is fine print so make sure you consult with a DivorceLink attorney to know your legal rights.

A DivorceLink attorney with experience handling legal separations can explain to you the pros and cons of legal separation versus divorce. Contact us today for more information.

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