Parent Relocation Lawyer Pompano Beach:
Moving Away with a Child

In practice, the court's paramount consideration is the impact on the child’s health, safety, and well-being. The parent having custody is legally permitted to relocate with a child after divorce, provided it won't interfere with the best interests of the child. This decision changes the custody or visitation agreement of the other parent. Under the law, the moving parent must provide a notice to the other parent if the relocation is for more than 30 days. A parent relocation lawyer Pompano Beach will be your best help in filing for a relocation notice.

Further, there are a lot of reasons why a custodial parent may opt to relocate. If the court deems it proper, and such distance won’t affect the regular visits of the other parent, a relocation request may be granted. However, if the court finds that the reason for the move is highly self-serving, then a thorough determination may be done to modify the existing arrangements. With a parent relocation lawyer Pompano Beach, you will have someone to help you negotiate with the other party.

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