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If you are represented by your family lawyer, then you might be wondering if your lawyer needs to attend your divorce mediation. This is something that you must discuss with the divorce mediator Palm Beach Gardens and with your attorney as well. As what commonly happens, divorce mediation sessions need the divorcing spouses and the mediator only. This is to ensure that you and your spouse do the talking and make the decisions.

In mediation, the parties may ask the assistance or advice of their respective counsels. However, putting big trust in your divorce mediator Palm Beach Gardens is one important step. It is okay not to be represented in the settlement. Keep in mind that the end goal of mediation is coming to terms with your spouse with the conditions after the divorce is decreed by the court.

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Mediation is one of the most frequently used ways of arriving at a divorce settlement. In divorce mediation, you and your spouse get the services and expertise of a neutral party called a divorce mediator Palm Beach Gardens, to help you in discussing and resolving the issues in your divorce, and the other issues that arise out of divorce such as child custody, support and alimony.

You must remember that divorce mediator Palm Beach Gardens doesn't make decisions for you, but rather, they are mere facilitators to assist you and your spouse determine what's best. Since the mediator does not have the authority to order you to do anything, you must take every session as an opportunity to better things with you and your spouse. The process is just as important as any other suits before the courts.

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Just because you and your spouse take in a particular issue with contrasting views does not mean that you have to close the idea of mediation. Don’t forego the idea of something that has even started. Divorce mediation is an effective process that has helped many cases settle. Here at Divorcelink, our divorce mediators Palm Beach Gardens are committed to bringing both parties the right settlement.

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