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By default, when there is no prior agreement by the spouses as to the property regime, they will usually have to equally divide the pool of properties or conjugal property. However, with a prenuptial agreement, the parties can stipulate what they deem to be just and equitable, taking in their respective circumstances. This serves as the law between the parties, provided it does not go against the law. Thus, hiring a prenup agreement lawyer Tampa is just what you need to do.

Usually, there is a need to compute the entire mass of properties to be divided before a prenuptial agreement can take place, and your best help for this is a prenup agreement lawyer Tampa. This is truer when the spouses have a huge property ownership or a business that is jointly owned by the spouses. With a prenuptial agreement, you can have these properties declared as separate from the matrimonial property.

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Pursuant to the equitable division of assets, the spouses will usually have to divide the properties according to their respective contribution. This contribution can take the form of income or fruits from the properties they own. However, the parties are still free to choose their own agreement in a prenuptial contract, and so, a prenup agreement lawyer Tampa at Divorcelink is your best assistance.

It is not uncommon for the courts of justice to use a strict eye in assessing the validity and fairness of the prenuptial agreement. To make sure that your agreement adheres to the requirements of the law, you need the help of a prenup agreement lawyer Tampa at Divorcelink. Worry not, because our company has the best team of lawyers for your case.

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You would not want to waste your time, effort and money in making your prenuptial agreement only to be rejected by the court for failing to meet with the formal requisites of a prenup agreement. On that note, you might need the help of a prenup agreement lawyer Tampa, and Divorcelink has the best group of lawyers to assist you.

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