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The moment the parent having physical custody rights over the child wants to move to another state and take the children, then you need a parent relocation lawyer Wellington. The non-custodial parent must first be notified at least 90 days prior to the proposed relocation. The determining factor in making sure that the relocation is founded on legal grounds always revolves around the child’s best interest. With that said, hiring a lawyer having experience in parent relocation is your safest option.

Further, in times when the separating parents decide to live close to one another, an access arrangement can be negotiated with the help of a parent relocation layer Wellington. However, as soon as one parent decides to move away, taking the children with them, a difficult situation is created. This situation is in direct relation to the practical terms for the remaining parent in keeping contact with the children. Luckily, this can all be arranged by a parent relocation attorney.

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There are some cases wherein issues arising from a temporary relocation due to an extended holiday or due to the death of a relative. This can bring about the concern of the other parent about the intention of the child of not returning. At Divorcelink, we offer the best parent relocation lawyer Wellington who can help you modify or amend the existing visitation schedule for you.

Commonly, the very reasons why a parent would opt to relocate with the child is to give a shot at a new job offer, to give the child better education, to have better support with the child by living near the grandparents and many more that concerns the well-being of the child. However, keep in mind that a parent relocation lawyer Wellington will always be your best help through the legal proceedings.

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Nowadays, what happens to the lives of separating parents after the divorce decree is that both of them can actually have equal rights over the child in terms of custody and support. This is, of course, premised on the presumption that both parents are capable of supporting the child and that both are emotionally stable. Whatever it is that you need for relocation; our experts at Divorcelink can help you. Call us now!

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