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It is possible that the custodial parent will move to another part of his current city or State after getting a divorce. The reasons for this could stem out of a new job opportunity, the need to move nearer with loved ones or to have a new life. Regardless of the grounds for such relocation, the process can be complicated and overwhelming without the assistance of a parent relocation lawyer Lake Worth.

A parent relocation lawyer Lake Worth will work hand in hand with you to file the proper paperworks before the family court. Hiring an expert lawyer in this field means that you have someone who knows well the family laws and what the court needs for when evaluating relocation requests. If you want to move out of state with your children or are against the parent’s relocation, a relocation lawyer possesses the knowledge and resources needed to professionally advise you.

Divorcelink: The Relocation Lawyers You Need

When you decide to move with your child, the custodial parent cannot just move without having to notify the other parent. Both parents will have to request a modification that will allow the relocation. To initiate this process, the relocating parent must at least produce a 30-day notice to the other parent. It is quite normal for parents to relocate during or after divorce. This situation is really contentious for both parties. A parent relocation lawyer Lake Worth at Divorcelink will help you comprehend both the law and the technicalities the process brings.

Here at Divorcelink, our team of parent relocation lawyers Lake Worth will represent parents on both sides regarding the custody relocation, in all consequential proceedings and in settlements. They will be providing objective and practical advice. Our lawyers have years of experience in child support, custody and parent relocation. We know that the best interests of the child are always placed first. This is where our expertise in legal practice comes in to help you file that petition, notice and many more.

Your Guide Throughout The Legal Process

The considerations that contribute to the child’s best interest cover the child’s connection to his or her surroundings, the child’s relationship with the relatives and others that have a direct effect on the child. This is where the help of a parent relocation lawyer Lake Worth is most needed. Contact our experts at Divorcelink today. Call us now!

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