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The moment you decide to move with your child, the parent having custody cannot easily move without first notifying the other parent. The separating parents will have to ask for a modification before the court that will grant the relocation. To file for this, the relocating parent must come up with a 30-day notice to the other parent. Relocation is quite normal for parents during or after divorce. A parent relocation lawyer Lake Worth at Delray Beach will help you better understand the law and the implications the proceedings bring.

Here at Divorcelink, our team of parent relocation lawyers Delray Beach will be the representative parents on both sides regarding the custody relocation, the other proceedings and negotiations. These lawyers will be giving expert and practical advice, because they have years of experience in child support, custody and parent relocation. The best interests of the child are always placed first, and so the expertise in legal practice of a relocation lawyer is most helpful in filing that petition, notice and many more.

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In usual scenarios, the custodial parent will move to another part of his current city or State after securing divorce. Having new job opportunities or adhering to the need to move nearer with loved ones or the need to have a new life is the usual reason that underlies the relocation. No matter what the grounds for such relocation are, the process can be complicated and troubling without the assistance of a parent relocation lawyer Delray Beach at Divorcelink.

A parent relocation lawyer Delray Beach will work closely with you to file the proper paperworks before the family court. Getting the services of an expert lawyer in this area means that you are represented by someone who knows the family laws and what the court needs for when evaluating relocation requests. If you want to relocate to another state with your children, a relocation lawyer having the knowledge and resources will be your best help.

More than Just Winning Your Case

When separated parents decide to live close to each other, the arrangements for visitation time can be made without much hassle. However, when one parent decides to move to another city or state, then this can pose problems. This is where the expertise of a parent relocation lawyer Delray Beach is needed. Call our expert at Divorcelink now, and get a free consultation!

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