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There will likely be a chance that when the divorce decree has been made by the court, the other parent might transfer to another state or city. This is referred to as the parent relocation, and when the it is the parent who has the physical custody rights over the child that desires to relocate to another state and have the children with the,, then you need a parent relocation lawyer Cape Coral. The requirement is that the parent must be given notice at least 90 days before the planned relocation.

Moreover, when the time comes that the parents plan to have their residences near to one another, they can negotiate to have an arrangement for the visitation, and this will be made better with the help of a parent relocation layer Cape Coral. Keep in mind that the moment one wants to move away, there will have to be requirements to be followed, and the parents cannot just use this to escape their obligation.

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Apart from the financial matters, it will not be far from impossible for issues about temporary relocation because of certain events, like an extended vacation or the birthday of a relative, and this can cause some worry for the other parent as regards the intention of the child to return home. Luckily, here at Divorcelink, we have the most trusted parent relocation lawyer Cape Coral who will be there for you.

Usually and most commonly, the main causes why a parent would need to have the child relocate with the parent is to take a new job opportunity, to accept a better learning experience for the child, to give the child better living conditions. It is always important to keep in mind that a parent relocation lawyer Cape Coral will always be the best professional to guide you through.

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More recently, it is not uncommon for the lives of separating parents to change drastically the moment the divorce decree is ordered, and this brings concerns on the child in their custody and in giving support. This is based on the fact that both parents are well and able to support the child. Regardless of your main concerns, our experts at Divorcelink can help you. Call us now!

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