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The law is known for running late in developments in the society, and lgbt marriage is one of them. There is one aspect in the legal field that has struggled to keep up, and this is the child custody cases for same-sex parents. This happens when the baby is born out of assisted reproductive technology (ART), like artificial insemination, surrogacy and egg and sperm donorship. Pursuant to the U.S. law, the biological parent of a child has a significant advantage in a child custody dispute. When you are caught in this situation, hiring an LGBT divorce lawyer Pompano Beach is your best option.

In different state laws, the application has the same advantages to the parents adopted children. However, the courts have found it difficult to address custody arrangements when the child is the biological offspring, and the other parent did not formally adopt the child before the divorce took place. To know more about your rights as a non-biological parent, an LGBT divorce lawyer Pompano Beach will be your best guide.

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When both same-sex parents undertake all of the necessary steps to appear as parents on a child’s birth certificate as a biological or adoptive parent, then it follows that each parent is most likely to get equal treatment under the law. However, in situations where the other parent did not formally adopt the child or the adoption has not been finished, then the spouse, as the biological parent, may have the advantage in keeping custody of a child born within wedlock. Even though the caring of the child since birth was mostly done by the non-biological parent, he or she may just be considered as a step parent having few legal rights. Reaching out to an LGBT divorce lawyer Pompano Beach will help you understand the implications of divorce.

Same-sex marriage or domestic partnership termination or dissolution are available to all LGBT families, no matter what the current legality of same-sex marriage in the state is. The family laws also allow the state to grant a divorce or dissolution notwithstanding if the partnership is legally upheld as a marriage, civil union or registered domestic partnership. Here at Divorcelink, we have the best LGBT divorce lawyer Pompano Beach to help you negotiate with your other spouse.

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If you have decided finally to dissolve your partnership or marriage, you will need an expert LGBT divorce lawyer by your side. The process of getting a divorce is complicated in itself, more so when other issues such as child custody, support and division of assets are mixed in. Divorcelink has the best team of divorce lawyers for you. Call us now!

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