LGBT Divorce: Special Circumstances
Attending the Divorce

A lot of the states currently have a domestic partnership to same-sex couples in place of marriage. Even though these recognized partnerships present a majority of the same rights as a traditional marriage, there are still slight differences. Take in same-sex couples, for instance, who got married or are in a registered domestic partnership, are entitled to alimony. But, there are state laws that still do not uphold these marriages. As a result, the income tax laws are applied differently. Getting an experienced attorney will enable one to determine how such impacts same-sex clients.

Even if a lot of the emotional and practical concerns and issues surrounding a same-sex divorce are just like those of a traditional couple, there are still some differences in terms of the legal aspects of the dissolution. Due to this, it is always smart to choose an LGBT divorce lawyer who has enough experience with same-sex issues and who has knowledge with the family laws of that state. In every divorce, certain issues must be addressed by a specially trained lawyer.

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